Breakthrough optical interferometry system

Firms will soon have access to technology that enables them to carry out the ultra-precise and ultra-fast measurements which will deliver the automation that is increasingly vital for manufacturing growth.

Now, a University of Huddersfield scientist who played a key role in the breakthrough has been awarded an Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE).
Dr Hussam Muhamedsalih is a senior research fellow at the University’s EPSRC Future Metrology Hub. He and his colleagues have developed and patented a new optical interferometry system that can carry out accurate measurement in fractions of a second.
For example, the roll-to-roll process – crucial to meet the demand for devices such as smartphones and printable sensors – often has to go offline for vital accuracy checks. The University of Huddersfield technology will mean this is no longer necessary, leading to big efficiency gains and cost savings.
Dr Muhamedsalih’s Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship will help him to demonstrate the full potential of the device and to commercialise it. The fellowship provides funding of up to £60,000 over a year, mentoring and help with PR and promotion, plus lifetime membership of the RAE Enterprise Hub, paving the way for a spin-out a company from the university.
Earning the award was challenging. There is immense competition for fellowships and, after he had made the final shortlist, Dr Muhamedsalih was summoned to London for a tough session with five interviewers. He was delighted to receive a fellowship at the end of the process and, when the 12 months have elapsed, he will attend the Enterprise Hub’s 2020 showcase event.
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