Automated dimensional QC solutions

Creaform has unveiled its new MetraScan-R Black Elite HD, as well as a new edition of VXelements for long-term support (LTS). This latest set of solutions also includes a new version of VXscan-R module specially made to accommodate custom automated 3D scanning cell layouts, while keeping the ease-of-use of its digital-twin programming software.

Notably, MetraScan-R Black Elite HD offers an optimised field of view for increased performance levels during challenging applications, such as 3D measurements on sheet metal parts. Creaform says that the system is ideal for the automotive market. With its 69 laser lines and 3 million measurements per second, this specialised 3D scanner is suitable for parts with many edges, trims and boundaries.

The intuitive VXscan-R software module makes it possible to include the custom features of any 3D scanning CMM (enclosure, robot base, turntable) for fast and easy programming.

Exclusive to the R-series products, the new VXelements LTS version extends the period of software maintenance, while increasing software robustness and dependability by limiting the number of new feature releases.

Thanks to its compatibility with major 3D metrology software, offline programming and seamless integration within any production workflow, the R-Series is accessible to all, regardless of expertise or experience level.

Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, product manager at Creaform, says: “In the quest to gain efficiency, manufacturers require QC solutions that can adapt to their workflow and environment, while being easy to use. For better decision-making to get better quality parts, they also need fast and precise data. With these latest innovations there has never been a better time to easily move to automation.”

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