Arrow scores bullseye with Studer grinder

The workforce at Hinckley-based Arrow Precision has access to a range of quality machine tools, helping the company’s connecting rods and crankshafts to deliver ultimate levels of performance. And now Arrow has one more: a Studer S41 CNC universal grinding machine supplied by Micronz.

The recently installed S41 is today fully operational across two shifts and, in some areas, is exceeding Arrow Precision’s expectations. For example, as the flexible machine can perform both external and internal precision grinding tasks – in addition to the external grinding of crankshafts journal and pins – the S41 is being used to grind internal features such as flywheel location bores. Crankshaft bores that previously took 30 minutes to grind on a manual machine now take less than 3 minutes. As well as producing high levels of surface finish on crank journals and pins, the Studer S41 is achieving sub-micron levels of diameter grinding accuracy.
Managing director Ian Arnold explains the reasons for the S41’s purchase: “As achieving the specified diameter and surface finish characteristics of crankshaft journals and pins constitutes the most critical crankshaft machining process, our new grinding machine needed to be of the highest possible technical standard. Also, as we manufacture crankshafts in series production and in short runs, we required a machine with great flexibility and quick changeover times.
“Not only has the exceptional speed and efficiency of our Studer CNC universal cylindrical grinder removed the possibility of production bottlenecks from our grinding department, the extra capacity it has created and additional capabilities it provides have opened-up further commercial opportunities.”
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