Ambitious sustainability strategy from Ceratizit

Cutting tool specialist Ceratizit presented its ambitious sustainability strategy at the AMB 2022 exhibition in Stuttgart last month. The aim of this strategy is to make the company the leader in sustainability for the hard metal and cutting tool industry by 2025. In order to reduce its own carbon footprint quickly, Ceratizit is focusing on three major levers: an increase in the use of secondary raw materials to over 95%; switching all sites to green electricity from wind, solar and hydropower in the next few years; and switching to the use of blue hydrogen for production, which is produced from water by electrolysis with green electricity.

The first milestone in the implementation of the new strategy is 2025, by which time Ceratizit plans to be CO2 neutral, entailing a reduction in actual emissions of 35% compared with the reference year 2020. The second stage, 2030, envisages a reduction of 60% in comparison with 2020, while the most ambitious goal is to achieve net zero by 2040.
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