AluCast opts for Faro arm

Martin Haynes, quality and technical director at Wednesbury-based AluCast, an aluminium foundry, recently began a search for an accurate yet speedy metrology solution that would keep pace with increased production volumes.

Recently tasked with casting a range of urgently required prototype parts for an important customer, AluCast completed all of the relevant casting processes in record time. Having been told that the parts were now ready except for the required dimensional inspection process, which would take another day, the customer suggested it would visit AluCast’s facility and perform on-site inspection with its own Faro ScanArm.
Impressed by the speed of set-up and the Faro ScanArm’s ability to quickly scan each of the components and gather all of the required data, Haynes was convinced that it was the answer to AluCast’s dimensional inspection needs.
“As well as being impressed by the dimensional accuracy achieved and the clear presentation of the captured data, we were astonished at the equipment’s speed of operation,” he says. “In fact, we estimated that the inspection results our customer achieved in just one hour, would have taken us over eight hours with our existing equipment. In addition to the performance of the ScanArm, we received excellent reports from our customer related to the levels of support and service they receive from Faro UK.
Following a demonstration, AluCast duly invested in a Faro ScanArm HD.
“Our ScanArm HD has delivered on all of the promises made by the staff at Faro UK in terms of simplicity, accuracy and speed of use,” says Haynes. “As well as the inspection processes for which we purchased the Faro ScanArm, each day we are finding new uses for it.”
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