All-in-one vision system offers stability

Available from Keyence, the CV-X and XG-X series multi-spectrum vision systems now offer new levels of colour detection performance that will yield broader application potential for consistent and stable quality inspection in automated production. Keyence´s new eight-wavelength, multi-spectrum ring-lighting technology combines with high-speed monochrome cameras and software. As a whole, the system is said to offer flexibility in synchronised lighting, colour control, segmented lighting and image capture.

The new CA-DRM multi-spectrum lighting unit supports eight wavelengths, including infrared and ultraviolet, through dedicated colour LEDs. By harnessing the capabilities of multi-spectrum lighting, three operational modes can be selected or combined via software tools to provide an all-in-one image analysis solution that covers colour recognition, form and shape, surface gloss and target variability.
Keyence´s multi-spectrum vision systems are available as the CV-X series one-system solution, and the customisable XG-X series, which suits application-specific quality and inspection. The icon-driven CV-X is said to allow simple set-up for reliable product inspection, while the XG-X provides flowchart programming for flexible integration in large-scale automated machinery. Both variants offer a selection of CMOS cameras and controllers supporting resolutions of up to 21M pixels. CA-DRM multi-spectrum lighting units are available in nominal sizes of 50, 100 and 200 mm, and may also be equipped with dome and polarisation attachments.
The combination of hardware and software contributes to high levels of inspection stability through features such as real-time intensity controls that maintain illumination and optimise LED performance over time. These systems are designed for high-speed production applications and can be adapted for use on-the-fly to further optimise throughput.
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