AgieCharmilles CUT P wire EDMs

AgieCharmilles CUT P 350/550/800/1250 machines from GF Machining Solutions are said to house efficient digital power generators, robust designs and intuitive HMIs, as well as several automation options for lights-out and unattended operations.

Featuring proprietary Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) technology, the EDMs deliver surface finishes to Ra 0.10 µm and boost cutting speeds by up to 20% over previous models. Several of the company’s ‘Expert’ systems further optimise the cutting performance of the generators, especially in challenging applications.
The Power-Expert software module, for instance, monitors and changes power levels when the machine is cutting parts with variable heights. Power-Expert thus protects components from unstable conditions while the machine maintains high cutting speeds. Simultaneously, this system controls the spark parameters during finishing operations to provide high-quality surface finishes on variable-height parts.
Regardless of workpiece height, the Wire-Expert system dynamically controls wire wear to achieve continuous and consistent geometrical accuracy from all directions, says the company. For part profile accuracy, Profil-Expert automatically adapts the machining parameters and cut path for rough and skim passes to provide control of fine details, and ensure positioning and contour accuracies of ±2 µm.
Taper-Expert technology cuts angles from 0 to 30° (45° as an option) to maximum Z heights. The system corrects shifts of the Z-reference position in real time, even when the taper angle is changing. In addition, the taper angle is held to within 10 seconds on average, providing taper accuracy and geometry reference accuracy throughout the taper cut.
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