Accelerating towards digital transformation

Celonis and Accenture are teaming up to support Mann+Hummel, a global filtration solutions provider for markets that include EDM, to accelerate its company-wide digital transformation and become a data-driven enterprise. By leveraging intelligent insights and actions, Mann+Hummel will improve and optimise its processes to increase operational excellence and become even more customer-centric.

Accenture has supported Mann+Hummel’s data-driven enterprise journey since 2019. Together with global execution management specialist Celonis, Accenture will foster the firm’s process capabilities by helping to roll out Celonis’ execution management system across Mann+Hummel in a multi-year program.

With this strategic collaboration, Mann+Hummel will gain new levels of transparency and an objective, fact-based understanding of how its core business processes really run. This will enable the company to identify performance barriers in real-time and take automated action to remove inefficiencies and improve processes. Insights from the initial stages of deployment have already created process standardisation and optimisation in the areas of supply, distribution and production. This will be expanded on in the coming months across materials, planning and logistics, to improve cycle times and productivity, reduce rework, optimise inventory, increase automation and streamline global execution.

Emese Weissenbacher, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Mann+Hummel, says: “Our efforts and investments in standardisation are all targeted towards being able to stay a step ahead of customer needs. Deploying Celonis market-leading process mining and execution management capabilities enables us to drive more intelligent, data-driven insights, measures and decisions. I am convinced with this transformation we can take our business processes to the next level and create an agile platform for continuous improvement.”
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