50% more punching speed at Candela Light

Thanks to its investment in the latest TruPunch 1000 CNC punching machine from Trumpf, Birmingham-based lighting manufacturer Candela Light is enjoying a 50% increase in production speed (and hence throughput) over its two previous turret punch presses. The machine was purchased alongside a TruBend 3066
CNC press brake and the
latest TruTops Boost software that allows the company to generate programs at the
touch of a button.
Having experienced strong growth in the past 12 months (Candela now employs 28 people), the company decided to reinvest some of its profits back into the business. Of particular focus was Candela’s turret punch presses, which were ageing and had become a little unreliable.
“We knew that technology had moved on, so we decided to assess the main players in the market to see about buying a replacement,” explains the company’s managing director Nigel Astley. “At first, we thought about replacing the turret punches with a fibre laser profiling centre, but the Trumpf representative explained that we would be much better off with a TruPunch machine based on the type of parts we process. As a result, we invested in the TruPunch 1000.
“Unlike our previous turret punches, which only had a couple of auto-index stations, all tools on the TruPunch 1000 – including Trumpf’sMultiTools – can be rotated through 360°,” continues Astley. “Furthermore, the machine is 50% faster than our previous capability and we no longer have to remove parts from a skeleton frame and perform deburring.”
Although the TruPunch 1000 can process sheets up to 6.4 mm thick, Candela typically processes aluminium up to 4 mm, and copper and brass up to 1.2 mm.
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