£1.4m rotor grinder set for China

A Chinese manufacturer of industrial refrigeration compressors has chosen a British-built PTG Holroyd TG series CNC rotor grinding machine to bring even higher levels of accuracy and speed to its manufacturing strategies. Valued in excess of £1.4m, the machine, a TG350E, will take shape at PTG Holroyd’s Rochdale technology centre, ready for commissioning in summer 2022. The customer will use the machine to precision-grind stainless steel screw rotors of up to 350 mm in diameter and 1800 mm in length.

PTG Holroyd says that its TG series machines deliver fast, accurate and efficient stock removal. Advanced automation means reduced set-up time, while a significant amount of production time can be saved due to the fact that each machine’s diamond dressing discs are dressed continuously during the semi-finish grinding cycles.

The TG range starts with the TG50E, a machine designed to precision-grind components up to 50 mm in diameter and 610 mm in length, with models offering stepped increases in capability up to the production of helical components measuring 450 mm in diameter and 2020 mm in length.

Equally suited to prototyping, batch and volume production, TG series machines are designed primarily for the finish grinding of helical screw components such as worm screws and rotors after they have been milled to a rough or semi-finished state. Fully automated on-machine probing provides closed loop feedback of corrections to the dresser wheel and does not require a high level of operator skill.

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