Milestone for ABB robot manufacture

ABB recently announced that it has manufactured 50,000 robots in China. The 50,000th industrial robot, an IRB 1200, was purchased by BYD Electronics, which will use it for tasks such as the machining, polishing and assembly of mobile phone components.
“This milestone acknowledges the enduring relationships and great collaboration we have with customers here in China,” says Per Vegard Nerseth, managing director of ABB Robotics.
ABB has a long history in the Chinese market dating back to 1994, and is said to be the only multi-national robotics company with a fully local value chain, from R&D to manufacturing, application centres, service and spare parts. Today, it has over 1600 people in more than 20 different facilities across China.
BYD’s purchase of the IRB 1200 is one of many ABB robots it has ordered this year as part of the company’s strategy to create safer and more environmentally friendly technologies.
“We are pleased to receive ABB Robotics’ 50,000th industrial robot,” says Wang Nianqiang, CEO of BYD Electronics. “Our goal at BYD is to touch and improve lives; everything we do is built around that principle. We believe that technology can make life better. ABB Robotics has opened up the pathway for innovation in the field of manufacturing while ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees.”
In June, ABB solidified its strong position in the European market with the milestone delivery of its 300,000th robot.
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