Specially formulated lubricants

In order to support the national effort for coronavirus ventilator production, fluid expert ITW Rocol is on hand.

The company’s OT20 lubricant has been formulated specifically for ventilators used in hospital wards and operating theatres. Rocol OT20 is considered a ‘fit and forget’ lubricant that is compatible with most plastics and non-metallic seals used on breathing apparatus.
As an oxygen-compatible lubricant primarily designed for breathing apparatus, OT20 lengthens re-lubrication periods due to its ability to resist degradation in hostile conditions. Rocol OT20 is also a high-load grease that means it can be deployed in range of aggressive environments with a temperature range from -70 to +100°C.
As it does not have a detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals, it is suitable for valves, slides, gearboxes, and both plain and anti-friction bearings.
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